• $95/person through 4/18

Price Jump to $110/person for Last Chance Registration 4/19

  • Team members who wait to register after the price jump will be charged the higher price, even if the Team Captain registered with early-bird pricing.
  • Student pricing (18 and under) is $50/person thru 4/30. Discount will be taken automatically at check-out
  • Teacher/school employee pricing is $50/person thru 4/30. Be sure to contact us at to receive instructions about teacher pricing
  • Mandatory Captains Meeting on 4/18
  • All team members must sign and turn in the paper Vail Waiver (available in April)

More info, below, or click here to register on Run Sign Up.



2019 More Registration 411

Team Captains have the option to either pay for and register their whole team at one time OR they can simply create a team, pay for themselves, and have team members join later and pay on their own.

All students and participants 18 and younger will receive discounted pricing of $50/per person through the entire registration period. The discount will be taken off automatically at registration. You’re welcome!


MORE 411

  • The team captain will register on the RWE site on
  • The first person to register will create the team, and be considered the CaptainTHE FIRST BUTTON WILL SAY ‘JOIN A TEAM.’ Don’t worry, even if you are creating the team, this is the correct button.
  • Info on team sizes and competitive team requirements are on RunSignUp.
  • Competitive speed teams are maxed at 5 people. All other teams can be any size up to 10 people.
  • If you have more than 10 people, you will need to create a second team.
  • Please try to have your team name ready when you create the team. You may change the name later, but the url for the team name cannot be changed.
  • Once you create your team, it will be placed on the dropdown menu so your other teammates can find it easily.
  • Please ensure your teammates know your team name. If they register and do not use the exact same name, they will create a new team!
  • Questions? Contact us at
  • Price increase on 4/8 for Last Chance Registration! Price will increase to $110/person on 4/18!


The Vail Waiver MUST be turned in via hard copy. Waivers may be turned in at the Captains Meeting or if necessary, at Packet Pick-Up.


*First 50 team captains will receive a redemption code for the HOKA shoes via email in March. Jaybird earbuds will be available for pick-up at the Captains Meeting.