Running with Ed Mandatory Safety Rules for Every Participant


These rules are meant to keep all of our participants and volunteers safe. Please respect all the rules.

  • Vehicles must not stop between exchanges
  • Vehicles must not exceed posted speed limit
  • Runners may not have contact with their support vehicle while on the race route. They may only receive support at the exchange sites.
  • Vehicles must park in designated parking spaces at exchanges
  • Vehicles must yield to runners
  • Vehicles must follow vehicle route (not race route)
  • Absolutely no parking on Hwy 224
  • Please, no dogs
  • If you must wear earbuds, please only use in one ear
  • Please take earbuds out at exchanges so you may hear directions
  • If the chance of lightning is 75% or greater at an area of the course, we will hold runners at the exchange. Time held will be subtracted from their race time. If you are on the course and there is lightning, please use common sense to stay safe.

Running with Ed Relay Rules

The Basics

  • Typically, five (5) runners per team.
  • Teams may have up to ten (10) runners. However, only teams of five are eligible for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place speed prizes.
  • Runners can choose their legs; we recommend Runner #1 runs legs 1 & 6, Runner #2 runs 2 & 7, etc. Suggestions on splitting up the course are under the Course & Maps tab.
  • One (1) vehicle per 5-person team.
  • Vehicles will be assigned numbers required to park at start/finish and exchanges.
  • Staggered start from 8:00 am – 9:30 am
  • Team captains will receive email notification of start time
  • Teams check-in 45 minutes prior to start time at Basin Recreation Field House
  • Start and Finish Line at Basin Recreation Field House
  • Family/Friends/Team can run last ¼ mile together to the Field House Finish line.
  • No dogs are allowed
  • No parking along the race route, no parking along the road at the McPolin Barn. Parking is only allowed in designated parking lots.
  • All runners must sign and turn in the paper Vail waiver.

Relay Progression

  • After Runner #1 leaves starting area, the rest of the team leaves in their race vehicle to the first exchange at Jeremy Ranch Elementary School to wait for the first runner to come in.
  • Only Runner #2 will be allowed to wait in the chute for Runner #1 to arrive.
  • Runner #1 passes slap bracelet to Runner #2 in the chute at exchange #1. Runner #1 then joins the rest of the team and travels with them to meet Runner #2 at the next exchange.
  • Repeat with remaining runners at their corresponding exchanges.


Our number one priority in this race is safety. There are many potential hazards in a race of this type including, but not limited to: automobile traffic, road and trail conditions, and weather. We ask that all teams please take appropriate precautions to insure a safe and fun event. It is imperative that vehicles follow the vehicle route only, not the race route.

Please, no dogs at Running with Ed

Team Captain To-Do List

-Register for your team online under the Register tab
-Find 4 – 9 fun team mates to run with
-Attend Captain’s Meeting on April 18th!
-Plan Team Meeting to:

  • -Have runners choose legs; see splitting up the course suggestions under the Course & Maps tab.
  • -Create awesome team name
  • -Plan vehicle decorations and/or team costumes
  • -Train together. Good training will help you enjoy this race and prevent injury.
  • -Fundraise additional donations to receive special recognition.

 Only teams of five are eligible for speed prizes.

Questions? Email us at runningwithed@gmail.com!