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Please be sure to check the white board at the Field House for any last-minute course changes!

Be sure your vehicle follows the Vehicle Route for Race, not your runners!

The Individual Legs of Running with Ed

For suggestions on splitting up the course among team members, scroll to the bottom. Please note these are suggestions, you may split up the legs among your team members in any way you choose.




Newpark Field House to Jeremy Ranch Elementary
Distance: 3.05 miles – Difficulty: Easy

Leg 1 Map



Jeremy Ranch Elementary to Ecker Hill Middle School
Distance: 1.80 miles – Difficulty: Very Easy

Leg 2 Map


 LEG 3

Ecker Hill Middle School to Utah Olympic Park Base of Nordic Jumps
Distance: 3.54 miles – Difficulty: Very Hard

Leg 3 Map



Utah Olympic Park to Canyons Cabriolet Parking Lot
Distance 3.0 miles – Difficulty: Very Hard

Leg 4 Map


How tough are you? Leg 4 is back, as the only race leg in the country that includes a run up the stairs alongside an Olympic Ski Jump! 

Starting at the base of the jumps, it will be runner’s choice to go up the steps or to use the chairlift. Once at the top, there will be a short run on trail to Bear Hollow Road, where the runner will proceed downhill, as in previous years.

The chairlift takes 12 minutes, without a line. The steps will take a competitive person anywhere from 3 – 6 minutes. They will take the average child/parent anywhere between 7 – 11 minutes (with a few stops to catch your breath included.)

So, if you are running for time, the steps may be your best choice.


Canyons Cabriolet Parking Lot to Parley’s Park Elementary
Distance: 4.0 miles – Difficulty: Moderate

Leg 5 Map



Parley’s Park Elementary to Park City Resort
Distance: 6 miles – Difficulty: Moderate

Leg 6 Map



Park City Resort to Treasure Mountain Junior High
Distance: 3.4 miles – Difficulty: Moderate

Leg 7 Map

Note: Just like last year, there will be no stop at City Park. The leg will go from Park City Resort to Treasure Mountain Junior High.




Treasure Mountain Junior High to McPolin Elementary
Distance: 4.6 miles – Difficulty: Moderate

Leg 8 Map

Note: Just like last year the route will go in a circle from  Treasure Mountain, to the Rail Trail, through Round Valley and back to McPolin Elementary.



McPolin Elementary to Trailside Elementary
Distance: 5.77 miles – Difficulty: Moderate

Leg 9 Map


LEG 10

Trailside Elementary to Finish Line at New Park
Distance: 2.87 miles – Difficulty: Easy

Leg 10 Map



Please note there is no mandatory way to split up the course among team members. It’s completely up to you, and these are just suggestions!