Fundraising 101

Fundraising starts with fun (and getting your page set up online!)


Just follow our easy instructions and tips and you’ll be on your way to a great 2019 RWE Fundraising campaign.


Step 1:  Get your TEAM and INDIVIDUAL/STUDENT pages set up.

  • Go to and click DONATE to reach the Fundraising site.
  • Click Donate tab again and select “Become a Fundraiser”
  • Scroll down and complete your individual info and link yourself to your team.
  • You can add a picture, write your own copy and create your very own FR URL to send.


Step 2:  Donate to your own page first!  You gotta start somewhere…..


Step 3:  Identify your target donors and craft your message.

  • Ask donors from previous years to donate again – they know the drill
  • Remind friends and family that your provide free housing for their vacations
  • List the number of miles each team member is running
  • Make the ‘easy ask’ to support local schools and public education
  • Tell your donors about your kids and which grants affect them (STEM. EVA art program, after school and early childhood program, college scholarships and grants) visit


Step 4:  Socials! 

  • Post RWE and your Fundraising efforts on FB!
  • Insta all your cool Fundraising tactics – lemonade stand, dunk tank, taking your kids to your office for shameless exploits – sky’s the limit
  • Snap and Twitter love to RWE too
  • #RWE2019, #WeAreEd, #WhoIsEd, #PCEF are our tags!


Step 5:  Check the DONATE PAGE

  • See how you are doing in the fundraising totals.
  • You need to click between FUNDRAISER and TEAM FUNDRAISER to get the full picture.
  • NOTE: All Student Fundrasers have a * by their name so they know if they are in first place for the LIMO FOR A Day gift for the Top Student Fundraiser.

Step 6:  Let us know if you need help.

You can donate to a team, or start your own fundraising page, here.