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Fundraise for a great cause and win cool gifts!

Every one of us benefits from a strong public education system. You can help!

All proceeds benefit the Park City Education Foundation, and fund 100 programs from Preschool to College Prep in the Park City School District.

As a special Thank You to all participants who go above and beyond to fundraise, our event sponsors have donated thousands of dollars of gear, gifts, and experiences to thank you for your effort!

The 2019 RWE Fundraising Goal is $110,000. Start Fundraising Now!

There are 3 Fundraising categories with all kinds of ways to earn Thank You Gifts. Click on the links below:

Team Fundraising Gifts

Student Fundraising Gifts

Individual Fundraising Gifts

For more 411: Fundraising Rules and Guidelines

You can donate to a team, or start your own fundraising page, here.