RWE Committee

Who ‘Runs’ Running with Ed?


Running with Ed is brought to you by a group of dedicated volunteers and staff whose sole mission is to help you be healthy, have fun, give back!

Of course, the race can’t go on without the myriad of race day volunteers. Our thanks to each and every one! But throughout the year, here’s the crew that brings it to you:

RWE Chair: Tim Chesley

RWE Co-Chair: Joanna Chesley

Race Director Staff: Kent Phippen

Fieldhouse Director Staff: Shannon Buist

Fundraising Chair: Elissa Aten

Fundraising Co-Chair: Kammie Ward

Team Recruitment: Sean Beard


Exchange Coordinator: Tracie Rossi

Teacher Teams: Amy Cutt

Volunteer Coordinator: Jess McCurdy

Media: Summer Sanders Schlopy

Ragnar Representative: Jana Cornelis-Jones

Jaybird Representative: Vince Heyd

PCEF Staff: Jennifer Billow



The 9th annual Running with Ed (RWE) relay is May 19th, 2018. This 38-mile, 10 leg race traverses spectacular Park City, and gets you home in time to have a playdate or a date night. The course offers everything from trail to pavement, challenging climbs to fast downhills, easy legs for beginners and tough ones for experts. Winding past Olympic venues, iconic landmarks, neighborhood schools, and historic Main Street, this is Park City’s best!