If you know the 411 click here to register. If you need more information, please read on.

Team members may join their team through 5/5














VERY IMPORTANT: The Team Captain, or whomever has the credit card, will create, register, and purchase the team. Then, the other team members will JOIN the team using the ‘Teammate Ticket’ option. Be sure you know your team name!

All runners must sign the paper Vail Waiver and have their Captain bring to the Captains Meeting or to packet pick-up.


After purchasing a team, please tell your other team members to register by JOINING the team using the ‘Teammate Ticket’ option so they won’t be charged. Be sure to tell them your team name!

If more members join your team than you originally purchased, those additional members must be paid for. For instance, if you bought a five person team, and 6 people end up joining the team, the 6th person must pay for their entrance. They first join your team, then add themselves as a solo. This way the additional membes are paid for.

  • 5-person teams are $500 through 4/28

    • Teams are typically 5 people
    • Only 5 member teams are eligible for speed prizes
    • 5 member team categories are Mens, Womens, Mixed,  Teacher and Student. See below for definitions.
    • For teams larger than 5 people, each additional runner is $100.  Maximum team size is 10 runners.
    • Team members have until 5/5 to join the team


If you are ready to register, click here.

After you register, create your team fundraising page!


  • 6 to 10 person teams are also available

    • For teams larger than 5 people, each additional runner is $100.  Maximum team size is 10 runners.
    • Teams bigger than 5 members are not eligible for team speed prizes.
    • Teams of 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 people are available.
    • Additional team members may be added onto an original team purchase, up to 10 members total.
      • Additional members added to an original purchase must be paid for.
      • Additional members added on to an original purchase must choose the ‘JOIN A TEAM’ option, then register as a solo.


  • Solo and Duos are available

    •  If you want to compete for speed prizes as a solo or duo, you will be placed in the Mens Category.


  • Only Team Captain is needed to register

    • Team Captain purchases and creates the team.
    • Team Captain may send out emails asking others to register and join the team, or additional members can register and join the team on their own.
    • Team captain may register all team members, but must know all required info such as email addresses, physical address, gender, birthdate, t-shirt size, pace time, Ragnar Grant school recipient, etc. It will be easier for the team captain if each person registers themselves.
    • If you are registering someone who does not have an email address (ie a young child) you may use your own email address on Eventbrite.


Team definitions and more info below, or, go to registration here


  • Race t-shirts are available with registration while supplies last


  • Be sure to check out all the fun on our Facebook page


 Definition of Team Categories:


5 Men


5 Women

Mixed Teams

Must have at least two female members

Teacher and Student Teams

  • Teacher and Student Teams are available for a discounted price of $250 ($50 per person) for a team of 5 people.
  • Teacher teams must have at least 3 school employees.
  • Student teams must have 5 K-12 students.
  • Both types of teams may have more then 5 people if they wish. The extra people will  register, and pay the additional $50 per person, then join the team. Teams bigger than 5 people are not eligible for speed prizes.
  • ONLY STUDENT AND TEACHER TEAMS may add additional people for $50. All other team types must pay the Last Chance price of $100/person, even if the person they are adding is a child or teacher.


Are you a 5-member team and don’t fit into any of the above categories? Then you are an Other! If you want to compete for speed prizes as an other, or as a duo or solo, your team will be placed in the Mens Category. Please send an email to stating you want to compete.



  • Any questions? Email us at

*Reebok running shoes will be distributed at the Captains Meeting on April 20th, and at Packet Pick-Up May 19th, or on race day.

NOTE: After you have purchased and registered your team, you may set up your team fundraising page.

The 8th annual Running with Ed (RWE) relay is May 20th, 2017. This 38-mile, 10 leg race traverses spectacular Park City, and gets you home in time to have a playdate or a date night. The course offers everything from trail to pavement, challenging climbs to fast downhills, easy legs for beginners and tough ones for experts. Winding past Olympic venues, iconic landmarks, neighborhood schools, and historic Main Street, this is Park City’s best!