Final Results 2017

It may be the race that’s a party, but some of you are really fast!

2017 RWE Race Results


Please remember that only teams of five, who filled out their division category and had all runners registered by the deadline, qualified for speed prizes in the divisional race categories.

Divisions are as follows:

X = Mixed

M = Men

W = Women

T = Teacher

S = Solo

D = Duo


Course Record of 3:39:03 was set in 2013 by Mens Team Luna Lobos Dog Sledding

For 2018 categories will be Mixed, Women, Men, Solo, and Duo


The 9th annual Running with Ed (RWE) relay is May 19th, 2018. This 38-mile, 10 leg race traverses spectacular Park City, and gets you home in time to have a playdate or a date night. The course offers everything from trail to pavement, challenging climbs to fast downhills, easy legs for beginners and tough ones for experts. Winding past Olympic venues, iconic landmarks, neighborhood schools, and historic Main Street, this is Park City’s best!