Team Fundraising Prizes

What’s in it for me to fundraise?

You’ll feel great raising money for public education…and thank you gifts are fun, too!

FREE RWE 2019 5-Person Team, Recognition in the Park Record, and VIP Lounge access at the Finish Party, and black car service by Peak Transportation are extra special perks for fundraising!

Free 5-Person Team is bestowed upon the team captain and is not transferable


Check the prize list below to see the extra special prizes exclusively for students!


Get started now: When you registered you also created or joined your team fundraising page!

Be sure to read the important fundraising rules and guidelines, below the prize chart!

2018 Running with Ed Fundraising Guidelines:


Any registered participant is eligible to fundraise for and receive Thank You Gifts from PCEF’s Running with Ed event.


Fundraising Period:

January 1, 2018 – May 18, 2018 at 9pm MDT.


Fundraising officially kicks off with the Captain’s Meeting scheduled for Thursday, April 19, 2018. Early bird fundraising Thank You Gifts and incentives will be awarded at the scheduled Captain’s Meeting.




Thank You Gifts will be awarded to RWE Teams who raise funds during the stated time period. Team gifts will be awarded based on a 5-person team, regardless of how many runners have registered for the team. Thank You Gifts will be awarded to the team captain on race day.



Thank You Gifts will be awarded to Individual Student Fundraisers who raise funds during RWE. Student fundraisers must be registered runners and must be associated with a registered 2018 RWE Team. Student fundraisers are eligible to earn designated student-only fundraising Thank You Gifts. Funds raised by student fundraisers will be included in their associated team fundraising totals. Students’ birth year must be 2000 or after otherwise student must provide proof of school enrollment to the fundraising committee prior to receiving any Thank You Gifts. Thank You Gifts will be awarded on race day.


Thank You Gifts

Thank You Gifts are 100% donated by businesses and services in the greater Park City area. At times, PCEF and RWE will trade a free team for an in-kind donation. Additionally, in some cases, RWE will cover the cost of printing gift coupons. All Thank You Gift sponsors receive website and race day promotion.



Tracking Fundraising Activity

All fundraising will be managed by the event platform, Teams and fundraising individuals should be aware that funds may be donated to RWE via the platform without a team designation or individual designation. Please be clear in your donation ask so donations are attributed to a team or individual. Only donations associated with a team by the fundraising deadline of 9pm MDT Friday, May 18, 2018 will count towards team totals and be eligible to receive Thank You Gifts. Please contact the fundraising committee as soon as possible if any discrepancies arise. All questions and/or discrepancies must be reported to the fundraising committee by 5pm MDT on Friday, May 18, 2018 to ensure resolution before the 9pm overall fundraising deadline.



The 10th annual Running with Ed (RWE) relay is May 18th, 2019. This 38-mile, 10 leg race traverses spectacular Park City, and gets you home in time to have a playdate or a date night. The course offers everything from trail to pavement, challenging climbs to fast downhills, easy legs for beginners and tough ones for experts. Winding past Olympic venues, iconic landmarks, neighborhood schools, and historic Main Street, this is Park City’s best!