Leg 3 will no longer run up the UOP road, but will run up trail. Instead of the exchange being at the UOP plaza, it will be at the base of the jumps.  The length is the same (3.54 miles,) be aware the last part of the trail is a bit steeper.

Leg 4 has a new twist! It will start at the base of the jumps, and it will be runner’s choice to go up the steps or to use the chairlift! Once at the top, there will be a short run on trail to  Bear Hollow Road, where the runner will proceed downhill, as in previous years. This leg is now shorter (3.0 miles.)

The chairlift takes 12 minutes, without a line. The steps will take a competitive person anywhere from 3 – 6 minutes. They will take the average child/parent anywhere between 7 – 11 minutes (with a few stops to catch your breath included.)

So, if you are running for time, the steps may be your best choice.

Click here for full legs/map information

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The 10th annual Running with Ed (RWE) relay is May 18th, 2019. This 38-mile, 10 leg race traverses spectacular Park City, and gets you home in time to have a playdate or a date night. The course offers everything from trail to pavement, challenging climbs to fast downhills, easy legs for beginners and tough ones for experts. Winding past Olympic venues, iconic landmarks, neighborhood schools, and historic Main Street, this is Park City’s best!